Hi Guys ! Today in this post i will tell you how you can create a profession blog on blogspot.com in free.And after creating the blog if you are successful to attract and engage users on your blog to then you can also earn money from it.

So first of all you need a gmail id to create blog on blogspot because without a gmail id you can’t access blogspot features.To Processed Click Here

How to Create Professional Blog On Blogspot Step By Step Guide

If you already have any blog then you can see list of names here.and if you wanna create a new one then click on New Blog button on left side.After clicking on this button you will see below screen.


here you can enter your blog title and address.you can choose these options according to you.sometime the url you are entering can be already used so in this case please use another one.

Blog Title : title of your blog which will appear on title bar
Address : url of your blog which can be used by users to visit your blog ( ex. growwebsite.blogspot.com, food.blogspot.com etc).Because blogspot is a free service so blogspot.com will be added as default in the url.But if you don’t wanna add blogspot.com in your url then you have to buy your own domain and have to redirect this to new domain by doing some small changes.


How to Get Generate High Traffic & Earn More From Your Website or Blog For Free

Quickly Index Your New Website & Blog in Google


If you haven’t posted anything on your blog then your homepage will look like this


now to post something on your blog click on New Post button and a new screen will appear like this


if you have a little bit knowledge of MS Word then you can easily style and format your blog content.You can add images , links or videos to your blog post by using blog formatting options.


So now your first blog post is ready to go live.Whenever you are ready to publish just click on Publish button.Later on if you wanna made any changes on it then just open it again, make changes and Update it.


Great ! now your blog is raedy. You can start blogging according to your hobbies & interest based of any subject and you can earn a lot of money too.But don’t copy content from internet or another website.Write original content for your visitors to get more audience and money.

Happy Blogging !

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