Friends today i am going to talk about a new update regarding Google AdSense.If you have a single adsense account and you have already verified from a domain but you also wanna use it on an another website or more then one website and don’t wanna verify again and again Then here i will tell you how you can use same google adsense account for multiple domains.If you borrowed any adsense account from your friends or someone else but even after integrating it with your site ads are not showing then keep reading this post for quick solution.I will tell you all the details step by step.

Quickly Index Your New Website & Blog in Google

Verify Google Adsense Account Without Pin

First of all if you have purchased an account or get it from your friends then generate ad code from Google AdSense Dashboard after logging in and paste it on your website where ever you want and wait till approx 48 hours.After 48 Hours you will get a message on your Adsense Account like below image

How to Fix If Google Ads Not Showing On Website?

Earnings at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue.

By the way this is not gonna effect your adsense.This Means that you have to just verify your account on your domain.This doesn’t mean that you have to submit your whole website for verification instead of this you just need to put a code file in your cpanel provided by your adsense.After that within 24 hours your account will be approved and ads will start showing properly.

To Approve you account simply click on ACTION button (that you can see in Warning Message on Below Image).

How to Fix If Google Ads Not Showing On Website?

Here you can see that publisher id is missing thats why ads are not displaying.Just Copy provided code snippet and create a new file with name “ads.txt” and paste that code in it.File name must be ads.txt.Do not change this name otherwise this process will not work.

After this login to your website’s cpanel and go to File Manager > public_html . Here you can upload your ads.txt file.Make sure ads.txt & Adsense Account Publisher ID is matching with each other.Now just wait for 48 Hours and your ads will start displaying.

Thats All !!

Hope you guys now know how you can verify you adsense account for multiple domains eaily.If You still have any problem then please do comment.

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