The internet of things is cutting edge technology in which every electricity consumption device or physical object is accessed by the internet. In internet of things system all devices controlling is depend on the data that is taken by various sensors. Sensor is primary source to gain the data. The data is converted to various formation technique.
The data is upload to the internet with various protocol technique. Our embedded device access these data and response according to the type of data. The embedded device at the end point interact with data. In the whole the Iot system we do not need the manual assistance and intervention.

what is iot

How Internet of things help us?

Through internet of things we can ignore our daily boring work and utilize that time to our main work, so its increase our work efficiency and time. In the home all the devices in connected via internet of things system so they work with good efficiency and less power because they are not operated by manual interrupt. So if your mom say go to roof and check the water tank so there is no need in the Iot system.
In bussiness or organization it increase the productivity, asset utilization of the product. Using the sensors and connectivity help us to control the stuff and analysis and make us to take the rightful decision.