The best thing of wordpress is that there are a lot of options to SEO optimize it without a lot of headache.And there a very big feature in these options is Ping Service which you won’t get in any other CMS.


What is Ping Service ?

Basically Ping Service is Like Push Messaging,Whenever you subscribe Push Messaging Service of any website and owner publish a new post,you simply get notification.

Same Like this, whenever you publish or update a post on your blog then ping service informs all search engines and web directories that you have updated your blog.With this alert search engines crawl your post and index it fast.

Difference among Ping Service,Pingback & Trackback ?

If you leave the technical part then Pingback & Trackback are same.Whenever we add a link of other blog’s post in our post then pingback system notify the other external blog.and when admin approve that pingback then it start to appear as a comment on that post.

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Like this Ping service,Pingback and Trackback all three are same.Only their technical part and working objects are different.

Ping Service : This service send notification to Search Engines and web Directory.

TrackBack and Pinkback : This one notify if one post link is mentioned on the other.

Here i wanna tell you that wordpress itself keep updating its ping list.But we can increase ping list to make blog’s ping service powerful.

Many new blogger always complaint of late indexing but but using ping lists you can solve this problem.

Below is some of best Ping List

Just copy these links and paste it as mentioned below :

How to update wordpress ping list ?

What is Ping Service









1. Go to Settings
2. Click on Writing
3. Paste above list on “Ping Services” textarea and click on Save Changes.
4. Thats All

Now next time your post will index fast on search engines and your traffic can also get some boost.