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If you are a youtuber or you use to see videos or make videos then you definitely know that you can only earn after getting 10000 views on youtube.Although you have seen a lots of videos & articles on internet about how to get 10k views on YouTube channel.

Many of them are saying you can get 10k views within 7 days or 10 days or maybe less time.But today in this post we are gonna tell you a legal process that you can confirm get 10K views within 3 days and less.By the way this process is totally safe and you won’t get any strike too.So please read this post from start to end very carefully.So lets start without any delay.

YouTube updates itself by time to time.Sometime it is good for youtuber and some time its not.Most of youtuber got in difficulty when YouTube announced that the new youtubers who are starting their channel and they don’t have 10k views on their channel,will have to work in free until they cross 10k views on their channel.So to get 10k views nobody knows how much time it will take.

But everybody want to get 10k views as soon as possible and he/she can start earning money by turning on monitazitation. Let us tell you about how you can get real views by safe method.

This is so safe method that not even in 1 videos you can get more views on your future videos too by applying this process.Maybe you can get more subscribers too.So let us tell you the complete process.

By the way we all use UC browser in our mobile.No matter you use UC Browser or UC News app.While reading news  you have noticed that there are many videos too.So note down from where that videos came from.

Simply go to google and search for ucweb publisher and register there as news publisher.follow below steps




after getting confirmation from UC Team go to account and click on article and click on post button.Here you can post the article that you want to publish.The topic that you have created video on, you can publish that here.Create a very attractive Title so people forced to open your post and your video on UC news.

After Writing your title Put your video link by clicking on embed video link .By the way you can post YouTube video link it is totally legal.

After attaching your video write a good description about this video.Be careful while writing your videos cause your account can be suspended by UC Team for spamming.Many of account got suspended because their title & descriptions are not related to videos.

After doing all these you can save this video post and publish it from your account.You will notice that after 1-2 hours your post will be published on UC news.Now this all depend on your luck that how many people see your post and watch your video or it goes viral or not.If your video goes viral and people started clicking on your videos then your YouTube views will automatically increased.

So this trick is 100% genuine without any spamming and much of headache.If you like this post then please share it with your friends & youtubers 🙂