Hi Guys Hope you are good and doing well ! Today in this post i am gonna tell you that how you can protect your google adsense account from invalid clicks Or How to keep safe your google adsense account to deactivation.So keep reading this post if you wanna be on safe side.

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So Guys first of all the main thing is to protect your account is CTR (Click Through Rate).you have to keep your eyes on CTR in your google adsense account.If on your website or youtube channel CTR is  more then  10% then there are chances of account deactivation. If it is running continuously more then 4-5 days then  it will surely disabled in upcoming days.So

How To Protect Website Adsense Account ?

The basic thing you can do is contact adsense team to Protect your account  that your CTR is increasing please do check.Let them know that it can be invalid activity.So if you are telling the google adsense team about invalid clicks then surely they will secure your account.And if you wanna do this manually then i will tell you about some plugins and i can assure that your CTR will be below 10% .Like if your competitor or  anybody else if clicking your ads  so many times then these plugins are gonna help you a lot.By using these plugins your adsense CTR will be maintained.In simple words if your competitor already clicked on an ad once then next time the ad will be disappeared from his/her webpage .So basically you will be safe with less invalid activities from google adsense.

Now i gonna tell you which these plugins are and how you can use them.first plugin is :

1. Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring  

  1. you can download the demo of this plugin from here.
  2. Install it to your wordpress website.
  3. After Installing click on “Click-Fraud Monitor” under plugins menu.remove-invalid clicks
  4. With this plugin you can set Click Limit,Clicks during last n days means the time duration when the user will be able to see ads again after clicking twice.
  5. Check Disable all ads checkbox and enter your email address.
  6. enter a custom class like “myads”.
  7. you also have to block your own IP becuase some time accidentally we can also click on our google ads.For this click on Get my IP address link to get your own ip.remove-invalid clicks-2
  8. After this you have to copy below generated code :
    <div class="myads">ADSENSE CODE HERE</div>

    and put your google adsense code in the place of ADSENSE CODE HERE .


    Now your all code & process is done and this plugin and google adsense is connected with each other.and you can place this ad now whenever you want in your wordpress website.

  10.  Basically it was a simple plugin guys you can use it easily.Now move to the next.


2. Adsense Invalid Click Protector 

  1. After installing this Plugin Go to installed plugins menu and click settings under this plugin.
  2. you can change the plugin settings according to your comfort.remove-invalid clicks-3
  3. you can use API Pro key too for this.
  4. if you want to ban any country based users the you can country Codes in the text box.if you don’t know country codes then click on “this website” link mention below on this plugin.You can put multiple countries code separated by comma in text box. Then click on Save Changes button.


So guys these were the best methods to protect your google adsense account from invalid clicks.And i assure that if you will use these plugins then your CTR will stay maintained.Finally i hope that you have find this post informative so please share this with your friends & social medias.