HI friends ! Today in this post i will tell you top 5 ways to earn money online without too much of hard work.You have see so many fake videos or posts saying earn $1000 in just 1 day, earn $100-$500 per day and so one.But today in this post i will only tell you about genuine ways to make some good & real money that depends on your work.

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So guys to know about these 5 tips you must have to read this complete post till end so you can get all knowledge the i wanna provide to you.so lets start.

1. Fiverr

i think most of you heard about this site.This is a service based website which can be sell or bought in just $5.So if you are good in any field like designing,development,promotion,data entry etc then you can use this website.For this you have to singup (click here to signup) in fiverr and just post a gig of $5.you will get many orders for you bid and by completing them you can earn good money.By the way you can earn $5 and much more if client’s requirement is too high.So fiverr is a good platform to earn money from your skills for example if you how to do painting,how to create a good website or many more services are there you can choose from.Just visit this site and you will find many categories that can match your skills and interests.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very common now a days.By affiliate system many big companies like amazon,flipkart and many more promote their products.you can also be a member of these type of companies too and you can make good money by selling their products.For his first of all you need  a website and you haven’t any website then you can create a blog too.otherwise you can register your youtube channel too as affiliate.you just need to register on their affiliate programme. For example if you type affiliate.amazon ,flipkart.affiliate etc  then directly you can reach to their affiliate page.Use your email/mobile no. and password to signup.After signing up you can choose some products links for promotions including your unique id in link that you can promote in your website/blog or youtube channel.If some one buy anything using your affiliate link then you will get some commision from that sale.that will be shown in your account and after completing a milestone you can withdrawal that amount into your bank account.So this is a good way in present time to make some good money by selling others product.you can earn thousands to millions from this affiliate marketing.

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3. Selling or Buying Old Goods

in this method you can sell or buy old goods.Like you buy an old phone on olx.com in cheap rates and then resell it in market on high prices.So this is also a good way to make some money.There are many websites like olx,quikr and many other which can be used in this method.


4. facebook

you are wondering how you can make money through facebook because it won’t offer any programme to earn money from ? but guys yes you can earn money from facebook too.For example if you are running a facebook page with a large number of likes and followers then you can put some advertisements on it and can get some money.But fro this audience on your page is required.This method is not so successful but a good side business to make money.

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The famous one.Yes ! everybody know about it and lots of people are taking advantage of it by creating a youtube channel and connecting it with google adsense.If you like youtube and interested in creating youtube videos then this is the best way to earn money by monetizing youtube videos.Google is offering the best and working platform to you where you can earn money just by uploading videos nothing else.

For this just create a youtube channel and regularly start uploading videos on it and just link it with your adsense account.Google will place ads on your youtube videos and your channel is good and watch time is long then you will start getting revenues from  your channel shortly. Youtube can be the platform where you can start from nothing and can get lots of thing by earning millions.


So guys these were the 5 best things to earn money from.You can also try at your level and get some money in your bank account without too much of hardwork 🙂 Do share this with your friends and social media