If you are a new youtubers and struggling to get views and subscriber for your channel then i will breakdown some awesome tricks that will work for you 100%.I not saying that by using this trick you will get millions of views and thousands of subscribers in less time but i will tell you how to get views on your youtube videos means how to kickstart your channel.Dosen’t matter it is 10 views or 100 at least you are getting it.

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By the way you already know that you must choose a good topic for your video,using valuable tags,good description but still if you are not getting fame,you have 100+ videos uploaded on your channels but still views are like 5 or 6 and subscribers are less then exception like below 100 or 200 then keep reading this post till end because i am gonna tell you a very simple way for your channel seo that how you can choose a topic within youtube itself.

Friends whenever you think to upload new video on youtube then the main problem most people face is Topic.For this there is a systematic way which you must know about.Most of youtubers do this mistake.They Upload many videos but still there is no views.

Without westing so much time lets start.

what is the best way to choose youtube video topic ? 

Many of new youtubers who have just started their channel start uploading the videos on the topics which is trending and  the youtubers who are already success and have lots of subscribers already created videos on that topics.For example a new phone is launched and a youtubers with 10M subscribers created a video on it.you have also watched his video and thought that he is getting so many likes,views,comments and subscribers too so you must create a video too on same phone.Next day you have created your own one and uploaded, waited for some hours but no views :O .You tried one more time. you seen a trending  video of a gadget review from a famous youtuber and did the same.Created a video on gadget review and uploaded it.Still all in vain , No comments ,likes and new subscribers.

But Dear Friend you didn’t noticed one thing that the famous youtubers ( whose videos inspired you to create your own ) have already so many subscribers.These subscribers are their genuine and engaged.Their subscribers visit that youtubers daily.For example if a youtuber have 5K subscribers and he/she upload a video then his/her video can get 3k-4k views easily and you think to upload a video on same topic that he/she did then trust me buddy you are not going to get more then 100 views.So it is necessary to grow your channel   by not choosing the topics that are already famous on youtube.In the starting stage of your channel you must choose the topics with less competition.

With a better example let me describe you.I have reviewed so many channel where people are giving tips on beauty.Some ladies were also there and their topic was How to grow hair fast ?.Then i searched it on youtube and let me show you how much competition you will get if you also crate a video on this topic.See Below picture


As you can see there are About 2,720,000 results already in youtube and if you are going to create a video on same topic then 2.7M videos are already there.So i don’t think that your video will get good views.If you are thinking to change the topic and wanna create videos on “How to fair your skin ? “.Then First search it on youtube and as previous  About 8,470,000 results are already present there.So finally let me tell you there is no chance that you will get videos on these type of topics where millions of videos already created if your channel is on starting stage. but if your channel is famous and you have a good number of subscribers then you can make videos on same topics.


But as you know you are a new youtubers with no or less subscribers then you must notice the topic results after searching  a topic on youtube.If the results is below 5000 then you can choose that topic.If the results are below 2000 then that will a best topic to get more views and more subscribers.

There is also a method to find results for a particular topic.you can search anything on search box of youtube to get minumum results.Only search for that topic which one visitors are already searching and that topic or similar topic appearing in youtube search suggestion box.


So what i mean is you must search the topic which are being searched by users and by using them if you are getting less then 2000 results then you can create a video on that topic.Like i have searched for “cigarette prank in goa” and just 986 results found.It means if i create a video on same topic then there is 80% chance that i will get good views & new subscribers too.You can also get millions of views if your videos started appears in suggestion.

So this is the best way to grow your new channel to get new subscribers and views and after getting a good numbers of subscribers and fame you can also create on famous topic too like hair grow and fair skin tips etc.

In last keep calm and find topics that have less competition on youtube and make videos on them.slowly slowly you will achieve your goal.Try you best to make videos on less competitions topics.Thats All !! 🙂