If you are interested to make some money from amazon without any investment then i have some tips for you to earn some money from amazon.Amazon has a program calling Amazon Affiliates and by using this you can earn a lot of commission by selling out amazon products.

So here in this post i am gonna tell you my personal methods that i use to promote amazon products so you can earn some commission and if you guys don’t know about amazon affiliates programme then read this post carefully.

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Friends By using these methods you can promote any companies products like snapdeal,flipkart,myntra and many more but here i will tell you about amazon only.

Amazon Affiliate is a free to join programme where you can promote their products.You can signup for this and can choose products from their product listing.After This whenever a user will purchase products from amazon using your link then you will get some commision.Your earning will be credited to your personal bank account.For This Please Follow Below Steps :

1. How To Signup for Amazon Affiliates Programme ?

To join amazon affiliate :

  1. visit amazon affiliate
  2. click on Join Now For Free button and fill required information.
  3. verify your email address and you are done.

or if you are already a member then you can login to your account.On your dashboard you will see A  search bar to search amazon products.here you can search for products for example : jbl go bluetooth speaker .After Searching this you can see a lots of jbl speakers in search list.



You can see a Get Link button in front of every product.Just Click on Its “down arrow” and a popup window will appear containing selected product link and your affiliate id.Click on Shorten URL with amzn.to?

 and you will get a short URL for example :  http://amzn.to/2uMkhg3



So this is how you can generate products links from amazon affiliate.Now The Next Thing :

How To Promote Amazon Product Links ?

So Friends now you have your product link and you just have to promote it.There are two methods to promote links

  1. Paid Methods like google ads,facebook ads,bing ads etc even you can create a site to promote these type of links.
  2. Free Methods like youtube,free websites from wordpress,blogger.The best and effective till date.


In this post i will only tell you about free methods of product promoting.

1. Free Promotion by Youtube :

As i told youtube is the best free method to promote products among your subscribers and viewers and you can earn good money threw this.Let me Teach you by an example :

Suppose you are promoting a product name “samsung galaxy on7 pro” .So what you have to do is just create one video describing its features,price and feedback .By the it is not necessary that you own this product.All you can do is collect some good picture from google and make a video from it or search some videos on youtube or internet related to samsung galaxy on7 pro and download 5-6 videos.Cut some Clips from that videos and make your own one.Ta Da You video is ready ! 😀 😀 But remove audio from that videos and use your own voice to avoid copyright claims.You can make a simple video of 2-3 minutes if you are not able to create a long one.

After this Process you can publish this to youtube and don’t forgot to put product link with your affiliate ID in video description. By this your viewers will visit your link and surely some of them will purchase too.

2. Free Promotion with Free Websites :

you can get your free website from wordpress or blogger.If you want to promote amazon products for long terms on google ,bing etc search engines then website is the best method because you will get direct traffic from search engines.Now all you have to create a single page websites with articles related to your product.

For Example you are promoting JBL GO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  on your website then your articles title will be

  1. best wireless speakers to purchase in 2017
  2. jbl go wireless bluetooth speakers review
  3. why to purchase jbl go wireless bluetooth  speakers
  4. jbl go wireless bluetooth speakers price

And keep in mind that if you wanna rank your site in search engines then you have to create backlinks.

Trick : How to get hidden backlinks from forums

No if you have created backlinks and ranked your selected keywords then if anyone who will search about JBL GO wireless bluetooth speaker then your site will come first on search engine results and you will make some good money.Hope you liked my post so do share with your friends.