Hi guys Hope you are doing well .Today i am gonna tell you about CPC (Cost Per Click).Maybe you are working on your website or your youtube channel and you also have a huge traffic but if your CPC rates are not high then your earning will be too low compared to traffic in your google adsense account.

So in this post i will tell you How you can increase your CPC for your website or youtube channel and if you are interested to make more money from google account then keep reading this post carefully, do not miss any point.

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What is CPC  ?

let me explain it with a simple example.Suppose you have a website with 100 visitors per day and only one of them click on your google ad and your cpc is $0.10 then your income will be 1 click x 0.10 cpc = $0.10.And what if your CPC is $1 and only 1 person is clicking on your ads then your income will be 1 click x 1 cpc = $1 means you will get your complete $1 with only 1 click.

How to Increase CPC  ?

first of all CPC depends on Traffic.How much users are there on your website/youtube channel and from which source or country they are coming from.If your visitors are from India,Bangladesh,Nepal then you will get a very low CPC Rates.But If you are getting your traffic from US,UK,Canada then you will get high CPC Rates for your google ads.Let me Tell You My Personal Method To Increase CPC.

I don’t work or promote my website in india,nepal etc where cpc rates are not high and if you have a .in, .com domain name then it will definitely rank in india   with low cpc rates.So first of all do some keyword researching.I don’t know many of you know about it or not but if you are using keywords like Loan or Insurance then you can get a minimum CPC of $20 and maximum cpc of $300.Yes you can literally get this.Instead of purchasing .com or .in domain purchase .uk or .us domains .

If you have a domain like .uk or .us and so on and you are using keywords like insurance,loans etc then you will definitely get high cpc rates.I am not saying that you will get it instantly but surely you will achieve you goal in 2-3 months if you are working continually.All you have to do is find top 10 keywords related to your business and rank them in US,UK and all other high CPC rated countries and if your cpc is $20 then you are earning 1 x 20 CPC = $20 from only 1 person. WOW !!

This is just from 1 site and if you have 8-10 sites with same cpc then you can easily make $200-$300 in a single day with 100-200 visitors per day.

For keyword research you can use Google Keyword Planner or keywordtool.io. Hope this post will help you to get some more money .Do share with your friends too.