As We all know facebook is most popular social media platform and most of us use it daily and every hour too.People always found scrolling their wall posts,feed and watching videos on facebook even on their workplace.By Doing this they Spend a lot of time on facebook without doing or earning anything means a waste of time.But Do you know guys you can earn from facebook too. 

By the way we are addicted to facebook now a days and surely i can say the we are not going to leave facebook now it is like our food.But what if you create a page and share posts,articles, meme,videos on that page,not your but others too and by monetizing your articles and videos you can make so money.This will be done by facebook itself not from any third-party website.

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So Guys Today in this post i will tell you how you can monetize your facebook articles and videos to make good money.How you can activate monetization on facebook ? 

Honestly i think that in upcoming days facebook will be a better platform then youtube to earn money from youtube because in facebook we can monetize videos and articles too and sponsorship,affiliate marketing is already there.So i am not going in deep and lets talk about official methods.There are two types of method in facebook :

1. Video Monetization on facebook

all you have noticed since last 6-7 months that if you are watching a video on facebook and there are more then 1 Million views on it then some advertisements start appearing there.These ads are from facebook not from any other sites and 100% officials.So this is a sign from facebook that video monetization will be activated for all videos on fb in future.And if you wanna start earning on facebook then you can start you page on facebook and start uploading cool stuff on it.and if you haven’t seen these types of videos on pages then you can see pages like techinsder .You can visit this page and every videos that have views above then 1M an ad will appear there.


2. Article Monetization on facebook

Hope you understand the video monetization now lets talk about article monetization.You have seen many groups and pages that share articles of their websites or others websites.People click that link and visit that website and read that articles on related website.Ads are placed there.

Let me tell you one thing before we go ahead.There are two types of sharing articles on facebook

  1. Normal Article :  this is like you shared someone links and people started visiting the related website but these types of articles will not monetize Because these types of links open in different browsers not on facebook app.Check Below Picture :earn from facebook
  2. Instant  Article : You have noticed many time browsing facebook from your facebook app and whenever you click on article then the article loads within seconds on the facebook app without redirecting you to any browser.In these type of articles you can see a symbol of light on right top side.  Check Below Picture (symbol marked with red).WhatsApp Image 2017-08-10 at 10.51.13 PM (1)

In Instant Article you have to link your facebook page with your website and you have to verify your site on your facebook page too.Don’t worry i will tell you the Method.By the way after verifying all these your all future articles will be converted to instant articles.

The most popular benefit of these type of articles is that they open within seconds without taking so much time not even the texts but videos and pictures too.But normal article’s first of all redirect you to a browser and then to their site and content also take time to load properly.

The second Benefit is that facebook only monetize instant article not the normal ones.So you only get paid if your articles are Instant Articles.whenever you visit an instant article you will see some sponsored ads on that post and these are from facebook not from our google adsense.See Below Picture

sponsored ads on facebook

One thing to note down is if you have verified your website for instant article and placed google ads on it then they will not work for visitors who visiting your site threw facebook.Facebook will replace all your google ads to it’s sponsors ads.Because Facebook only pay for its sponsor ads not for google or any other ads

Now next topic :

How to Activate Instant Articles For your Website ?

First of all you have to check you are eligible for instant articles or not ? To Dd this simply

NOTE : after signing up in audience Network you have to wait for 3-4 days to verify.

So these are two main ways to earn from facebook now if you have a website but don’t have a facebook page with more audience then you can tie up with a famous fb page and can tell them to verify your site on their facebook page for monetization and you can take 50-50 from all profit that you get from facebook.Isn’t it cool ? 😀

By the way are many more ways like affiliates,selling products of flipkart,snapdeal,amazon etc and taking margins from its sale and if you have more audience on your page then you can get sponsorship too.

In last as i already said facebook will be a better platform for monetization and you have to start building your page now.I hope this Article Helped you do share it with your friends and family.