laravel 5 set timezone

change timezone in laravel database

if you are using any column that is saving date or time using timestamps() or you are inserting / updating time from query.Then you might have problem of timezone.Your hours maybe storing ahead or back of your computer machine.So how you will… Continue Reading

cart total

How to get cart items total in magento 2

i was working on a ecommerce project based on magento 2.In this project i had a requirement where i need cart count in my header.phtml file.So i simply write below code

but after using this i got a php… Continue Reading


how to generate sitemap in magento 2

if your sitemap is not generated automatically even after using configuration setting in Stores -> Configuration -> Catalog -> XML sitemap  or via CRONJOB. Then can create it manually as well using below steps: login to Magento 2 admin Navigate to… Continue Reading

include new file in Magento 2.2

How to include new file in Magento 2.2 ?

i was including a js file at app/design/frontend///web/js/flexslider.js Which was showing me the following errors:

My requirejs-config has this in it:

after some research i found a solution.Actually The problem is: system loaded jquery after my js (our… Continue Reading

How to Enable The new Gmail Design

How to switch to new gmail UI

google just launched its new gmail UI and as we can guess lot of people don’t know about it.if you also don’t know about it then you must experience the all new gmail look.To opt in follow below steps :… Continue Reading

Google Adsense High CPC Keywords List

Google Adsense High CPC Keywords List

We all know that Google’s ads are used to monetize most of the bloggers content . Google adsense is the best way to earn money from blog. sometime we can earn $50 or more then it from just 1 click. But For This We have to use … Continue Reading

Top 10 Websites To Send Unlimited Free SMS

Top 10 Websites To Send Unlimited Free SMS

SMS has turned into the amazingly advantageous frame to send message without exasperating anybody. Presently, we don’t just utilize SMS to send instant message yet additionally Messenger Apps, Social Networking applications to visit through instant message. All things considered, SMS… Continue Reading