set expiration of newsletter confirmation link in magento 2

Use SEO friendly URLs for Magento

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set expiration of newsletter confirmation link in magento 2

increase magento speed using .htaccess

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PHP 7 : how to Unset all variables

previously I was using the following script in PHP 5.5.9 to unset all variables, which was working very well

but now when i used same code in PHP 7 , this is giving  following messages:

after reading php 7 documentations and some research on… Continue Reading

joi validation examples

best solution to handle HAPI validation errors?

in my project i written below route code for hapi

So when I don’t pass the firstName it throws error like this

Now, I was trying to handle the above error in catch

So i found the best solution… Continue Reading


correct way to import bootstrap in Angular 6

in previous versions of angular like Angular  5 we use to write below code in our angular.json 

but in Angular 6 you might get some errors like

so to solve this here is new updated code for your angular.json 

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