Quick URL Validation in PHP


In this post I’ll how to quickly validate URL in php , In php there is pre defined function called filter_var. You can use this pre defined function to validate URL in only one line of code, That will help… Continue Reading


How to Restrict File Upload Size in PHP Using .Htaccess


Hi Friend’s I trust you are doing great, Today I am thought of one more cool .htaccess trick that is How to Restrict File Upload Size in PHP,Set Maximum Size of Post Data, Set Max Script Execution Time, Using this… Continue Reading


Display source code of the page with highlighted syntax in PHP


In the event that you have made any application and you need to share code on web and permit to make code see capable on page then you can just utilize One extremely cool function in php called show_source(), with… Continue Reading


How to Compress data using gzcompress() in PHP


Compress data using gzcompress() in PHP When working with strings, it is not uncommon that some are long. Utilizing the gzcompress() work, strings can be compacted. To uncompressed it, just call the gzuncompress(). It diminishes string size as should be… Continue Reading


Fetch information about memory and CPU usage in PHP


How to Get information about your memory and CPU usage in PHP Here We’ll talk about how to get data about your memory utilization in PHP, It’ll help you streamline your script, You should have mindful about which script of… Continue Reading


Connect to FTP Using PHP and Upload files


How to connect and upload files on FTP using PHP Here We’ll talk about How to associate and transfer records on FTP utilizing PHP, If you are dealing with application where a few documents consequently produced on server and you… Continue Reading


How to Encrypt and Decrypt files using PHP

AES Encryption and Decryption in PHP See example

In my recent project I have implemented file encryption and decryption. In this project, data is very sensitive so to protect files from unauthorized access and to keep them safe and secure we have used file based encryption/decryption method. In… Continue Reading


How to filter array by key in PHP


PHP array_intersect_key() work gives back a cluster containing every one of the passages of essential exhibit which have keys that are preset in every one of the contentions. This capacity registers the convergence of clusters utilizing keys for correlation. Here… Continue Reading


How to Auto Generate a Photo Gallery from a Directory in PHP


Creating an photo gallery from a folder or directory of images using PHP is easy. I have added inline comments for each code block, just go through them for better understanding.


How to Sort Multidimensional Array using key in PHP

For Example you an Multidimensional array ,with value of “Salons” in a city.This Array is also containing Saloon Price and saloon name.Now you want to print or get saloons in ASCENDING Order based on Saloon Price. Example :

This… Continue Reading