replace MySQL column value before matching

5 MySql useful queries

Here I am not going to indicate most regular query like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and so on. I’ll demonstrate to you some other one stage up query which I feel we required these amid advancement, Generally we make basic function… Continue Reading


How to Create MySQL views

MySQL has bolstered database sees since rendition 5.x. Perspectives are quite helpful in the event that you need to allude to values computed from expressions without composing the expressions each time you can recover them. What is a view A… Continue Reading

11 Ways to Backup your MySQL

11 Ways to Backup your MySQL Database

How to Backup your MySQL Database There are a few approaches to reinforcement MySQL information. In this article we’ll take a gander at how to reinforcement your databases utilizing diverse strategies, we will likewise figure out how to accomplish a… Continue Reading


how to use if else in mysql

how to use if else condition in mysql The MySQL IF statement permits you to execute an arrangement of SQL explanations in view of a specific condition or estimation of an expression. To shape an expression in MySQL, you can… Continue Reading


How to search within a list of comma separated strings in single column in mysql

If You have a field arr_val (varchar(50)) in a your table tst_tbl that contains a comma delimited string such as PHP,MySql,Ajax,JQuery,PHP 5.

When running the query select * from arr_val where arr_val like ‘%PHP%’ to get all the only PHP Results ( not PHP 5) , But you will also get the result PHP 5.

Now the Question is “How should we rewrite the query so that is selects ONLY the PHP and not all values containing PHP ? Continue Reading