What is Multithreaded Programming in Java

MultiThread in Java A multithreaded program contains two or more parts that can run concurrently.Each part of such program is called a thread. Each thread defines a separate path of execution. Multithreading is specialized form of multitasking Multithreading enables you… Continue Reading


Exception Handling in java programming

Exception Handling A java exception is an object that describe an error condition that has occurred in a piece of code. Example

The compilation of code is executed properly but when we compile the code that was error occurred… Continue Reading


how to create and access package in java

Package Package is defined as the collection of classes, interfaces and is a name space in which classes are stored package keyword is used to define the package package have 2 types Built-in package(eg.- java, lang, awt, javax, swing,… Continue Reading


use of static keyword in java

use of static in java Normally, a class member must be accessed only with an object of its class.In java it is possible to create a member,precede its declaration with the keyword static.When a member is declared static,it can be… Continue Reading


Type promotion of expression in java

Type promotion of expression in java In an expression the precision required of an Intermediate value will sometimes exceed the range of other operand For example

expression (a*b) easily exceed the range of its byte operand.Thus, java promote each… Continue Reading


What is the object oriented in java

What is the object oriented in java What is object oriented in java Encapsulation :- Encapsulation is a protective wrapper that prevents the code and data from being arbitrarity accessed by other code defined outside the wrapper. Encapsulation :- Encapsulation… Continue Reading