How to Enable The new Gmail Design

How to switch to new gmail UI

google just launched its new gmail UI and as we can guess lot of people don’t know about it.if you also don’t know about it then you must experience the all new gmail look.To opt in follow below steps :… Continue Reading

Google Adsense High CPC Keywords List

Google Adsense High CPC Keywords List

We all know that Google’s ads are used to monetize most of the bloggers content . Google adsense is the best way to earn money from blog. sometime we can earn $50 or more then it from just 1 click. But For This We have to use … Continue Reading


remove web page from google search

Here i will demonstrate to you a snappy tip to expel your site pages from google search list and cache, Google naturally crawl site pages and ordered those pages in query item, You won’t not have mindful about that google… Continue Reading


how to use google reCAPTCHA on localhost

use google reCAPTCHA on localhost A CAPTCHA is a program that ensures sites against bots by producing and evaluating tests that people can pass yet current PC programs can’t. For instance, people can read misshaped message as the one demonstrated… Continue Reading


Track Multiple Google Analytics Profiles

Recently I created 2 more domains and don’t want to get separated data for all domains.So I merged Them in One Script. Default Script:

Now replace :

Where _setAccount value will be the tracking code and… Continue Reading