5 MySql useful queries

replace MySQL column value before matching

Here I am not going to indicate most regular query like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and so on. I’ll demonstrate to you some other one stage up query which I feel we required these amid advancement, Generally we make basic function… Continue Reading


Redirect domain according to country IP address using php or .htaccess


In this post i will discuss how  to redirect a domain according to country IP using PHP and .htaccess.you can write .htaccess rules that filter and redirect site in country domains.On the other hand if you have multiple sites according… Continue Reading


Block IP Address from accessing your website using .htaccess


In this post i will tell you how you can ban/block a visitor to visit your website using IP address and .htaccess.You have faced many problems like robot scripts continue pinging your site,commenting and site server down issues.Or sometime someone… Continue Reading


How to Add a Submenu to the WordPress Admin Bar


A while back I composed Add Menu Items to the WordPress Admin Menu, a post enumerating how you can add things to one side, existing “posts” menu bar. Including menu things has served me well yet it’s not as redone… Continue Reading


How to Add Menu Items to the WordPress Admin Menu


The current menus in WordPress are strong however one inconvenience is that I have to snap “All Posts” and after that the “Drafts” connection to get to my drafts; I essentially need to arrive as fast as conceivable by means… Continue Reading


How to Add Custom CSS to WordPress Admin


Trust it or not, I invest a terrible parcel of energy experiencing my blog’s remarks and remedying spelling issues, code arranging, and so on.; One grumble I have with WordPress’ administrator area is that it’s hard to spot <pre> label… Continue Reading


How to Add META Tags to WordPress Head


The reason that WordPress is so developer agreeable is their wonderful snare framework. Contingent upon a post category (or apparently whatever else), you can adjust the substance of the page, the theme formats, and everything else. WordPress is astonishing. add… Continue Reading


How to Fix Broken Image link Using Jquery


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5 Random Useful PHP Code Snippets / Function


Here I have gone along 5 Random Useful PHP Code Snippets/Function, which are exceptionally convenient to use in any online venture, you can essentially include these scraps and capacities in you code library and utilize anyplace in venture. It is… Continue Reading