Hardware need for Iot system

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Hardware Need for Iot system

Internet of things is becoming famous for better utilization of its resources. If you are willing to do on the making on Iot system there is need of basic knowledge of embedded design, networking and basic programming language skill.

Hardware Required

1. Sensors:-

Sensors is primary things for making the Ito system. The sensors get all the relevant data from environment and send to the internet through some protocol.

The various sensor available on the market some of them below

  • Temperature sensor

  • Infrared sensor

  • Soil moisture sensor

  • proximity sensor

  • ultrasonic sensor

  • pressure sensor

  • water quality sensor

    2. Development Boards:-

    The development board use to send and retrieve data over the internet. Below some development board mostly user in Internet of things system.

  • Nodemcu
  • Arduino
  • BeagleBone
  • Intel Edison
  • Raspberry-Pi
  • Tessel 2

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