how to set session cookie lifetime to 1 day in magento

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if you are working on magento then you know very well then cart items that are added by your customers automatically deleted after 24 miniutes.If you are frustrated from this magento default behavior and want to kick out this fix timing then this article is for you.Keep reading till then end.

Here are the things to look for to increase/decrease Magento’s session cookie lifetime.

In your php.ini file:

If you have not changed this, it should be by default 1440 i.e. 24 minutes. Change it to 86400 for one day session lifetime

In your Magento admin:


Make sure to check if you are in correct website/store if using multi-website/multi-store Magento setup. You can change the scope by changing the website/store from the upper left Store Switcher drop down in System -> Configuration screen.

If you are changing php.ini value, make sure you reload apache to reflect the changes.


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