how to Create new module in Magento2 stable version?

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As you know Stable version of Magento2 is released and if you wanna  create a new module then you can follow below steps  to create a new module in Magento2 stable version.

Below are the list of files that you need to create in order to create a new module, my package name is Ktpl and module name is Brandmanager for this case.

1) Create module.xml at app/code/Ktpl/Brandmanager/etc/module.xml

2) Create composer.json at app/code/Ktpl/Brandmanager/composer.json

3) Create registration.php file at app/code/Ktpl/Brandmanager/registration.php

After placing these files run below command from Magento root.

This process will successfully register your module and you would be able to see you module at store -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Advanced section.

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