increase magento speed using .htaccess

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From my personal experience with magento i have seen that the admin panel simply takes ages to load and save changes.Though  It was a default installation with the test data.The server where it is hosted serves other non-Magento sites super fast except magento site. If you are also facing this and speed of magento is a headache to you then maybe i can help because i have got a good solution using .htaccess. Read below

.htaccess settings flow from the top down.

Don’t mess with subdirectory .htaccess files below the Magento root unless you know what you’re doing, they’re there to secure the Magento system. As an example, messing with app/etc/.htaccess can expose your encryption key and database access credentials, a particularly fatal mistake if you’ve enabled remote access to MySQL. You’ve just given the outside world the keys to your kingdom.

To enable deflate/gzip, first your apache server must have the proper module enabled (mod_deflate). Then look up the settings in the .htaccess file in your Magento root folder and enable compression. Magento preinstalls this for you, but with the lines commented out.

To see if your system supports deflate/gzip, create a <?php phpinfo(); ?> file, run it and look for mod_deflate being loaded under apache2handler. Following is a sample

Magento’s preloaded .htaccess section needs some modifications to enable deflate/gzip Remove the # in front of the appropriate lines to enable compression as follows:


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