How to host website using IP on apache server in Magento 2

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i was struggling to host a site with IP address without using a domain url.But the site was not working when i configure with IP.After a research i found some steps.You can also follow if you are facing the same issue

  1. Go under stores->configuration->general->web->Search Engine Optimization->Use Web Server Rewrites->No
  2. Go under stores->configuration->advanced->developer->Sign Static Files->No
  3. Go under database and type following query and replace all base urls:

    SELECT * FROM core_config_data where path like '%base%'


  4. Please go and fix following (default) magento bug.https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/11453
  5. Clear cache.
  6. Please add index.php in url (if missing), while browsing.

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