how to validate customer registration form in magento 2

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I was working on a project on magento 2 where I need to validate registration form. I want to use the event keyup for inputs and also wanna change the default message.after searching internet i found this below solution,for this you have to add a new js file using requirejs-config.js. But i created a new module. Module files are as below.





Now open register.phtml. At the end of the file add below things.

And then, for example, you want to validate email. Find input tag for email and add class v-validate. Like this

So any input with class v-validate will be validated on events like keyup, change, click, focusout, etc. I added a class to all input tags.

For firstname and lastname in register.phtml above this line var dataForm = $('#form-validate'); I added

That’s all I did to solve my problem. May be this can help someone.

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