How to switch to new gmail UI

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google just launched its new gmail UI and as we can guess lot of people don’t know about it.if you also don’t know about it then you must experience the all new gmail look.To opt in follow below steps :

1. Click on the Gear Icon in the upper right corner of your inbox.
2. you will see a “Try the new Gmail” button . Just click on it and wait 1 second.
3. Cool ! Now you can enjoy the new look of your gmail

How to switch to new gmail design

How to Enable The Old Gmail Design ?

if you are hating all these white spaces and color and might thinking about switching back to the old classic gmail design then ofcourse you can switch back.

How to Enable The Old Gmail Design

if you are an employee and using G Suite account provided by your compnay then you have to wait until your company admin to turn on the option for your company’s G Suite.Only one thing you can do is, drop a mail to your admin to turn it on for you. So you can experience the new Gmail UI.

how to switch to new gmail design
The new Gmail has pretty good new features like “Confidential Mode,” the ability to snooze emails (without installing a third-party app like Boomerang), and the introduction of Smart Replies (a major mobile app feature for a while now) to the web interface.

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