Google Adsense High CPC Keywords List

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We all know that Google’s ads are used to monetize most of the bloggers content . Google adsense is the best way to earn money from blog. sometime we can earn $50 or more then it from just 1 click. But For This We have to use   very expensive and highly paid keyword research .

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Adsense has  different types of advertisers These advertiser advertises on basics of their  adsense cpc network. Among them many advertiser can pay  100 dollars for 1 single click. But these type of keywords are very less. For This we have to get some High CPC keywords so we can earn more in less clicks.

If you are a blogger from India, then there is nothing best  CPC network from Adsense for the  beginner. You can try the Google Adsense Affiliate Network after google adsense.

Most bloggers do not have any time searching for a keyword and do not know how to change traffic to a blog? How do I earn more? because they don’t use right keywords. As i told you a good google search can give you hundreds of dollors . Please select the keyword you want to use for a higher CPC bid.

Now you know what i mean you have to just include these below mentioned keywords to your blog and in next upcoming time you will get a high audience on your blog with high CPC.

i Have searched some of the top cpc keywords on the internet. For your  help  in blogging.

Google Adsense High CPC Keywords 2018

If you see that Google Adsense focuses to display ads related to your post. Suppose you have written a post on “antivirus” then google will show ads related to antivirus.So It is important to choose a high rated keyword so Google ca show  high cpc  ads.

If you have any questions about how can I earn money using high cpc keywords , then I’m going to give you a list of things, and you can also earn some money from them.

How you can earn More From  High CPC  keywords ?

If you have earned $3 in 60 clicks then your approximately CPC  is $ 0.05 per click. and its too low ? Do you wanna earn $3 in 60 clicks ? Not For Sure ! So how to earn more then $3 ?

The solution is to use high CPC keywords in your blog posts.

Didn’t understand !

Suppose you have selected a keyword of $ 2 CPC and you have 60 clicks at end of the day and you know very well how much you will earn at end of the month.

Daily Income: – $2 * 60 click = $120

Monthly Income: – 120 * 30 = $3600

i don’t think $3600 is a bad number to earn 😀 .

Here is a list of high cpc keyword for Google adsense.

List of High CPC Keywords 2018

  1. World Trade Center Footage ($95.02)
  2. Webex Costs ($92.38)
  3. Virtual Data Rooms ($83.18)
  4. Structures Annuity Settlement ($100.8)
  5. Sell Annuity Payment ($107.46)
  6. Royalty Free Images Stock ($92.76)
  7. Register Free Domains ($92.03)
  8. Psychic for Free ($94.61)
  9. PHD on Counseling Education ($92.99)
  10. Personal Injury Lawyers ($66.53)
  11. Personal Injury Law Firm ($60.56)
  12. Paperport Promotional Code ($95.13)
  13. Online Stock Trading ($35)
  14. Online Motor Insurance Quotes ($95.73)
  15. Donate your Car for Money ($94.01)
  16. Online Colleges ($95.65)
  17. Neuson ($92.89)
  18. Online Classes ($95.06)
  19. Nunavut Culture ($ 99.52)
  20. Online College Course ($78)
  21. Motor Replacements ($98.43)
  22. Motor Insurance Quotes ($68.61)
  23. Mortgage Adviser ($91.29)
  24. With Auto ($ 93.70)
  25. Mesothelioma Law Firm ($179)
  26. Massage School Dallas Texas ($94.90)
  27. Low Credit Line Credit Cards ($94.49)
  28. Life Insurance Co Lincoln ($97.07)
  29. Insurance Companies ($52)
  30. Injury Lawyers ($60.79)
  31. How to Donate A Car in California ($111.21)
  32. Home Phone Internet Bundle ($93.32)
  33. Holland Michigan College ($95.74)
  34. Health Records, Personal Health Record ($40)
  35. Hard drive Data Recovery Services ($98.59)
  36. Donate Old Cars to Charity ($94.55)
  37. Forex Trading Platform ($20)
  38. Forensics Online Course ($93.51)
  39. Email Bulk Service ($92.55)
  40. Donating Used Cars to Charity ($93.17)
  41. Donating a Car in Maryland ($98.20)
  42. Donate Your Car Sacramento ($118.20)
  43. Online Criminal Justice Degree ($60.4)
  44. Donate Your Car for Kids ($106)
  45. Futuristic Architecture ($91.44)
  46. Donate Cars in MA ($125)
  47. Data Recovery Raid ($73.22)
  48. Donate Car to Charity California ($130)
  49. Donate Car for Tax Credit ($126.6)
  50. Car Insurance Quotes PA ($92.88)

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

  1. Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting ($53)
  2. Dayton Freight Lines ($99.39)
  3. Donate Cars Illinois ($98.13)
  4. Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys ($94.33)
  5. Criminal lawyer Miami ($70)
  6. Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida ($98)
  7. Cheap Domain Registration Hosting ($98.39)
  8. Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia ($92.03)
  9. Car Insurance Quotes Colorado ($100.9)
  10. Cheap Auto Insurance in VA ($93.84)
  11. Car Insurance Quotes Utah ($97.92)
  12. Donate a Car in Maryland ($98.51)
  13. Car Insurance Quotes MN ($94.29)
  14. Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies ($92.23)
  15. Car Insurance Quotes ($61.03)
  16. Car Insurance in South Dakota ($92.72)
  17. Better Conference Calls ($91.44)
  18. Car Donate ($88.26)
  19. Car Accident Lawyers ($75.17)
  20. Business VOIP Solutions ($51.9)
  21. Car Insurance Companies ($58.66)
  22. Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona ($97.93)
  23. Automobile Accident Attorney ($76.57)
  24. Auto Mobile Shipping Quote ($50)
  25. Annuity Settlements ($100.72)
  26. Auto Accident Attorney ($75.64)
  27. Asbestos Lung Cancer ($60.96)
  28. Asbestos Lawyers ($105.84)
  29. Auto Mobile Insurance Quote ($50)

How to improve High CPC or Click rates ?

However, there is a problem with bloggers that how to use keywords  very well ? . To do this you need to write a post on your blog. Use the keyword you want to use, and use the long tail keyword to find out more about your blog post.

If you are using expensive keywords, then you will get some high rated ads on your post from adsense.

You can use the Semrush tool and ahrefs to find the keywords you want . These both are  paid services. You can use Google Keyword Planner for free .


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