How to Earn Money Online Without Investment

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Hello Readers ,This post is all about making money from the internet.Internet provide us some of the most interested and convenion ways of making money.There are a lot of options available depending upon your interest,experience,skill and time you can spend and there are total flexibility too.Here it is really does not matter you are mom,fresher,unemployed or not professional qualified and in the top of it you can work from home.Let us now see the difference ways of earning money online that anybody or everybody can do.

1. blogging

this is a great way of earning money by writing original content on the subject you know very well.Once you have written few articles create your own blog.To make your articles more interesting you may like to add images,videos and info graphics. This blog could be about fashion,travel,news,makeup,health or  about any interesting topics.To Monetize your blog you will need an account with google which is called adsense .

Google will run  ads on your website pages and depending on your content and number of views of the advertisement google will pay you. Of course there are other companies also like yahoo,chitika,infolinks etc which have similar  methodology displaying advertisements on your blog.They all share revenue of advertisers .These companies would put images and text ad on your website.

Over the time when your blog becomes very popular some of the manufacturers also approach you directly to place their ads.This may help you earn more money and who knows one day you may quit your job and became a full time blogger.

2. Affiliate Marketing

if you love marketing and reaching out to people sites like amazone,flipkart,snapdeal,clickbank, commission junction they will pay you if you direct people to their website and they make a purchase.you don’t have to develop product yourself.Just join one or more affiliate networks like amazon affiliates if your web pages should generate good traffic.

You may also reach out to buyers through email marketing or social media marketing such as Facebook or twitter.You are paid commission on the sales you direct.There are a lots of people who are making more money through affiliate instead of google adsense for displaying affiliates ads on their blogs.

3. Video Sharing

all you have to do is to share your ideas,skills through videos.Either you want to share recipe or some technical stuffs or you just want to share something funny.Just shoot some good videos and upload them to sites like YouTube,dailymotion.By the my favorite is YouTube 😀 .

Talking specially about YouTube,it pays you uploading your videos on its site.As long as you have a google adsense account.you are paid under the YouTube partner program . you will earn money by receiving cretin percentage of the advertising revenue collected by the YouTube per 1000 views.

There are a lot of YouTubers who made this as their full time and very profitable career.

4. Selling services

if you are good at something you should try to increase your visibility and attract the buyers who will pay you to do certain job for them.For example you are god in graphics designing and you can create excellent logos. covers etc.Then you should register yourself at sites like fiverr.com,upwork.com,guru.com etc.

For more information you can google freelance website and can choose the sites that serve your line of interest and geographically territory the best.This is ideally suitable for skill people whom are good at graphics designing,writing,translations,video making,animation,music creation,voice over,online marketing,seo and web designing,software development and photography.

This way you can supplement your exciting income and can make some more money working part time.

5. selling handmade goods or items

are you good in creating or making items at home which has good market and it couldn’t compeat with established brands.It can be chocolates and cakes.testy pickles,gems and cookies.Then for a normal price you can ask a techie to setup  a normal website for you to give details of the products that you made,your delivery modes and the price.

These products are more suitable for sale in nearby areas.In case if you have products that you wanna introduce to bigger market then you can create you account on well known or biggest sites where you can display your profile and products.Some of the popular sites are ebay,artfire,folksy,etsy,bonanza,amazon,itshandmade etc etc.

6. Online tutor

If you are good at teaching and you know a particular subject very well then you should start tutions through internet. whither you are an aspiring or exciting tutor you can advertise online or also offer to teach online.Some of the sites which you can explore are tutor.com,oktutor.com, tutorvista.com. All you need is a good knowledge of a subject and knowledge of teaching and good education background.

7. Selling photographs Online

this is a great way to earn money .If photography is your hobby then internet offers good way to selling your photographs online.There are 100s of indians origination who required photos and images regularily for them Blog,websites,Magazines and brochures etc.

You may take advantage of stock photography websites such as dreamstime,shutterstock,fotolia,istockphoto, alamy etc etc. It is free to register on some of these sites to sell the photos.If some of your photos they have accepted and someone likes your photos then he/she can buy it and you will get a percentage of the sale value from the website.

So readers these were some of the good ways of making money online.rather then wasting time on Facebook,twitter or YouTube why don’t you use these tricks to make money.There are many more ways of making money on the internet which we will discuss in future posts.If you like this post then please share it with your friends.

Happy day !!

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