Top 50 Small Business Ideas With No Investment

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01. Mobile Shop + Recharge

Now a days mobile sales is increased.Starting this business  is a great idea

02. Non Veg Soup

making of chicken soup ,mutton soup is a good profitable business

03. Computer service

Its a fast moving business. today all have laptop/desktop.So starting this business is a good idea

04. Marriage Hall Decoration

implement your creativity and attract more customers

05. Drone Business

with this take videos & photos in marriage functions,parties & other functions charge fees  for 1 day service

06. Pani Poori

make & sell pani poori.It requires very less investment.It is a good profitable business

07. Popcorn Business

buy popcorn machine and put a stall in most crowded palaces,malls ,theaters & parks

08. Belt Shop

attracts more youngsters.sell variety of belts.give you more profit

09. Pet Fish Shop

buy different types of ship and sell in your shop

10. Xerox & Printing Shop

opening xerox & printing shop near schools & colleges is a best business idea

11. Custom Gifts

its a trending business.make customized key chain,cups,laptop screens,bottles,photo frames,bags and many more

12. Health Drinks

Its a very good service business idea.Now a days people have much more awareness about health drinks

13. Office Supplies

its a high demand business.Each and every office need office supplies

14. Event Organization

organize events for birthday,party, marriage functions and more

15. Pooja Shop

Starting pooja shop near any temple is a profitable business

16. Flower Shop

Sell Different kinds of flowers and attract more customers.

17. T-Shirt Business

Buy T-shirt whole sale and sell online & offline

18. Leggings Sale Business

now a days women’s preferring leggings costume more.So entering into this business is good idea.

19. Wedding Planner

providing A-Z services for wedding functions need for most of families in cities.

20. Car Rent

Rent your car to your friends,Family and people you know.

21. Website Design Services

create websites for companies with your skills.Use Platforms Like WordPress,Drupal,Joomla and blogger to create websites easily

22. Data Entry Works

Join sites like freelancer,Fiverr,Odesk and guru for data entry works

23. Driving Schools

Start A Driving School one of the best profitable business.

24. Crowed Funding Business

Raise Funds For your Events,Product Development ,Cause and many more.Sites Like kickstarter,Teespring,Mydreamstore,indigogo,gofundme and many more helps you more in this.

25. Blogging

Create website and write articles,Apply for google adsense,Place ads in your site.Make money online easily.

26. Catering Services

Get Orders For Marriage functions, Parties events and many more.

27. Tea & Coffee Shop

Its a profitable business to start with very low investment

28. Car & Bike Wash

A good services business needed For everyone who have bike & car

29. Ice Cream Business

Buy Ice Cream Maker ,Put a Stall in your local town.

30. E-Book Selling

Writing your Own E-Book and sell in amazon,Kindle,Flipkart.One Of The Profitable Business To Start With Zero Investment.

31. Domain / Hosting Reselling

Join in reseller program & sell Domains & Hosting and many online products.Join sites like godaddy,reseller club,bluehost and many more providing reseller programs

32. Affiliate Marketing

Sell Other Companies Products Through your website,facebook group or emails.Its Free to join and Earnings are unlimited

33. YouTube Channel

create youtube channel upload videos what you love to do.Example cooking,songs,how to tutorials,gaming,review etc etc.

34. Network Marketing

Many Companies need network marketer.Approach them and start a business.

35. Videography Service

Get Orders for marriage functions.Events,Parties and other functions.Its a profitable business with only one time investment.

36. College Projects

Start a Project center. help Students to do final year projects,mini projects.

37. Potato Chips Business

Make and Sell packed potato Chips.To Bakery’s ,Departmental Stores,Retail Shops,Hotels and houses

38. Milk Business

Supply Milk to your town.Best Business to Start.Cow gives natural milk which is healthier for all.

39. Cleaning Services

Best Business idea to start with low investment.Many Companies,Houses,Industries seeking for cleaners.You can approach them.

40.   Detective Agency

Help People to solve their problems.

41. Insurance Agent

one of the #1 business to start with zero investment.Unlimited Profit Business

42. Solar Installation

eco friendly business.You can start this business with zero investment.

43. CCTV Installation

much needed for every companies ,industries and homes.

44. Tuition Center

Starting tution center for college & school students is a best idea

45. Agri Products

Buy and sell agri products.Much Needed  for farmers.

46. Old Books Store

Buy Old Educational books and sell.Very Much useful for college& school students.

47. Fitness Center

Starting Gym Fitness center for men and women is a nice idea.

48. Toy Store

Buy toy products and sell

49. Parking Business

Start a car / Bike Parking business in your city.Very Profitable business

50. Ticket Booking Business

Book tickets for bus,flights,trains & hotels

51. Sweet Corn

Start Sweet Corn Business.One of the best favorable snacks.Put a stall near malls,Parks,Beaches ,Theaters

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