How to Start Website Business and Earn While Sleeping

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HI Friends Today i am going to tell you briefly how you can start your own website business.In this post i will tell you some pro tips that –

  • how you can start you website.
  • In which countries you will get good CPC with maximum ad rates

so please read this blog post very carefully to earn money from your website. as you know guys i always try to publish helpful contents for you so today in this post i will also try my best so read carefully.Below i have created a created a demo to make you understand better.

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Website Business idea


website funnel

I am sure if you are using internet then you already know what website is ? but the main thing is that how to earn from website ? There are a lots of people who know what is website but don’t know how to make money from it.This is the thing today i will tell you and i am sure it will help you.

So i was telling you about business idea that mean you have started a website,started monetizing it by placings ads and affiliates and started getting passive income. First let me tell you what is passive income ?

What is Passive Income ?

passive income mean you are travelling,eating but also earning money in backend without being present in work place though you are getting money in your bank account.So this is the passive income means you are earning while sleeping too.there is no limit for incomes in passive income.you can earn unlimited.The other type of income is Active Income.

What is Active Income ?

Active income means to get this you have to present actually on your work place like we all go to offices and we have to work their in our office time.here your salary is decided & fixed until  you get a bonus or increment.

Hope you got the difference between passive and active income.Now lets focus on our main point.so you already had your site,ads are placed their but still not getting the money.For this at least you have to create 3-4 websites related to different different contents or niches.

If you don’t know how to create a site the friends let me tell you there are thousands of tutorials on the internet explaining how to create new websites.There are many sites who is providing free readymade websites(Ex.  wix.com,blogger,wordpress.com etc ).Just Search on Google or Youtube “How to Create A Website ?

Now How you will earn Money From Your Website/Blog ?

the answer is Traffic.As soon as you grow traffic on your site you will earn more.More Users More Money.Do not hurry Spend some time to promote your site and be patient.

First Let me give you a step by step demo how all the things works for a perfect website.

1. Domain Name (you can buy from bigrock.in,godaddy.com,domain.com)

domain name is like a plot where you will build a house.it is same like human names so we can call a person  as identity.Like this websites also need a unique name so we can open then like facebook.com,google.com etc.To book your domain you can visit Bigrock ,godaddy and many other sites.you just have too pay some registration fees and you can buy your domain (if available) for a time period or you can renew them after your time expired.



2. Hosting (you can buy from bigrock.in,bluehost.com,Siteground.com)

Hosting is like your computers hard disk means you need some space online to store your files.You already have a plot (your domain) now you have to build your house ( your hosting)  There are a lot of hosting companies who are providing hosting in affordable prices.

Host Unlimited Websites in Just Rs. 59

The Best Webhosting $3.95 / Mo. | Blueshost


3. Types Of Domain (.com,.in,.uk,.net etc)

  • Country wise Domain like .in, .uk, .us etc > It means these are country based domain related to a single country.And first they will rank in their registered country.For example If you have purchased .in domain then there are highest chance that it will rank in india only.This also indicates from which country this domain relate to.So buy a country based domain if you only want to rank high in single country not worldwide.These are cheap in rates from international domains
  • International Domain Names like .com, .co, .org. > .org stands for Organization,.co for corporate business.So if you want to start an Organization or business websites that works worldwide then buy a international domain to rank high.
  • Educational Domain Names like .edu > if you are starting an education or knowledge based website then you can buy .edu domain but in some cases you need government’s approval for this and registration fees for these domains are too high.


4. Types Of Websites

  • Blogs
  • Niche Websites
  • Education Portals
  • Personal Websites
  • Photo Sharing Websites
  • Writers / Authors Websites
  • Community Building Websites
  • Mobile Device Websites
  • Information Websites
  • Online Business Websites
  • Directory Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites

Note : If you have a niche website then you have to post only regarding that niche.Avoid posting all these things that are not related to your categoory.Like If you have a Health Tips based site then only post articles or videos related to Health.Do not post comedy videos and Jokes. Because if you are working on multiple niches then your site will take more time to rank but if you are focusing on a single niche the you will rank in search engines in less time.Follow same things for education sites too.


5. Keypoints :

 A. Traffic To Your Website 

  • Facebook : Use Google Ads,Post and share your blog links to facebook groups & your timeline
  • Google : Use Google Adwords to get more Clients.
  • Approach Youtubers : Approach Youtubers to promote your website who have a good numbers or  scribers.This is the best method of promoting .You can hire famous or less famous youtubers according to your budget.They will promote you and drop your link in their video description and will redirect their viewers to your site.
  • Search Engines : Build dofollow backlinks,SEO your Blog or website and many more.

B. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Backlinks
  • Keyword Research (SEMRush,Google Keyword) : while writing on your blog it is necessary to research on your keywords that you are using short keywords or long tails keywords.By the Way Long Tail Keywords Will Help you to rank Easily.  

C. AdSense Approval  : if you need adsense approval then here are some points that you need to keep in mind           while sending approval request to google.If you won’t follow this then google will reject your request.

  • A Simple,user friendly Design for your website
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Privacy Policy Page where you will explain how you will use user’s personal data
  • Disclaimer Page for affiliates,warnings,notes etc.
  • Admin Email (Ex :  hi@growwebsite.com) so users and other websites can contact you
  • Old Domain : a six month old domain will work faster.
  • Link With Adsense : link your adsense account with your website.


Now then main thing is Traffics on your site.More Traffic More Money.For Example if someone is giving rs. 30 for one click and a visitor clicked on it that means you got rs 30 in your account and if 10 visitors clicked on your ad so you have earned 30*10=300 Rs in minutes.So the Best Way for Promotion is to hire a youtubers to promote your site and earn money from it.

While Starting this post i told you to create 3-4 websites based on different different category or services to earn more.So All these websites will cost you 3K-4K but now these days you can get them in just 1K-2K.For Example your websites Categories can be  :

  1. Website 1 : Health Tips
  2. Website 2 : Tech Blog
  3. Website 3 : Community
  4. Website 4 : SAAS (Software As A Service)  : These types of websites can get you more revenue doesn’t matter you are using adsense or not.Because you are providing some services on this Site and you can charge some amount for that service.For example a task management software,mail sending Software Etc.

So these are the things you can keep in mind while starting your new site.Like If you are earning Rs 1000 from one site then you can earn a lot more from your multiple sites too.

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