Show Loading Image While Page Loads using Jquery and CSS

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In This Tutorial I will explain to you how can you set an animated loading image while page loads using JQuery and CSS.It is a good idea to put an animated loading image until your site loads all content and it will also increase site’s visitors and user won’t leave your site without seeing it.

Website Page Load Speed Depend on the elements that are on that page and pages can take more time then usual if there are images or videos on it.By the way there are many ways to increase page speed.

With the help of jQuery and CSS, you can easily display a loading image until the page loads completely. Below is the simple code snippet will help you to integrate this feature on your website.

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Step-1: Include jquery on your web page.

Step-2: Create preloading class class in css to adjust animated image while page loading.

Step-3: Add the following HTML after the opening tag. This preloader div will show a loading image on page load.

Step-4: Add jquery animation on page to make it actionable.

Here is the sample script


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