Scroll To Top Animation Plugin Using jquery

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In this post i will tell you about a JQuery Plugin called jquery scroll up,Scroll To Top is a cool feature that help user to return to top when he/she look down the page.User can tap a button anytime to return to top of the page.JQuery ScrollUp is a lightweight JQuery Plugin that helps you to return back to top of page with a smooth scrolling effect.To Apply ScrollUp please follow below steps :

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Step-1: Add jquery library on page. Make sure you have added jquery library before jqyery scrollup library on page.

Step-2: Add basic CSS on page.


Step-3: Finally put basic and minimal jquery scrollup function on page to make it actionable.

Above function is enough to add pre defined animated link on page but if you want to add some feature on your scroll up function then below is the more parameter to handle more action.

Plugin credit goes to markgoodyear.com

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