How to Add META Tags to WordPress Head

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The reason that WordPress is so developer agreeable is their wonderful snare framework. Contingent upon a post category (or apparently whatever else), you can adjust the substance of the page, the theme formats, and everything else. WordPress is astonishing.

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One late utilize case I had was needing to change the <meta name="robots" content="{index? follow?}" > tag in light of the post’s category : if the post is in category A, utilization noindex,nofollow, generally utilize index,follow. After all not each post is an impression of the general site content.

Finishing the undertaking was simple utilizing the WordPress hook system, particularly the wp_head hook:

You can use this hook to add anything to the site <head> but CSS and JavaScript files have their own methods so don’t use this hook to add styles and scripts.

Take control of your WordPress instances by using the awesome hook system!

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