How to Add Menu Items to the WordPress Admin Menu

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The current menus in WordPress are strong however one inconvenience is that I have to snap “All Posts” and after that the “Drafts” connection to get to my drafts; I essentially need to arrive as fast as conceivable by means of the Posts menu. I did some brisk research on the subject and in two minutes I could include a “Drafts” submenu thing to the “Posts” menu. Here’s the manner by which I did it!

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Inside the functions.php file of my present theme (this file gets stacked notwithstanding for administrator!), I included the following:

The add_posts_page method is actually a shortcut for add_submenu_page, which allows you to add a submenu item for any existing menu item. And WordPress allows you to get pretty detailed with your own menus, as you can see here.

This added “Drafts” link will save me click after click after click throughout my time using WordPress. Take the few moments to add links to existing menus as you’d like — there’s nothing like a fresh shortcut to get you moving faster!

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