Smooth Full-page Scrolling with viewScroller.js

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There are a lot of JavaScript Scroll Effects libraries on the internet you can choose from.However another option in this field is viewScroller.js.

This little yet capable library can assemble single-page layouts that look as pieces with one swipe of the scroll wheel (or touchpad). This makes a controlled design where scrolls move the client through individual segments of a page with pixel-tight exactness.

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Normally, this is a totally free library accessible on GitHub and simple to introduce with Bower or npm.

Be that as it may, viewScroller.js is not an independent JavaScript library. It relies on jQuery and two particular modules: jQuery Mousewheel and jQuery Easing. These are both required to get the parchment impacts working legitimately.

This can hamper the estimation of viewScroller since it requires a couple JS libraries just to work. Be that as it may, in case you’re as of now utilizing jQuery at any rate then it’s an easy decision. viewScroller.js offers the least difficult technique to get a solitary page looking over web application running without much code.

It does, nonetheless, utilize exceptionally point by point classes and IDs to make the looking over impact. You can alter these classes in your own particular CSS document or overwrite them in the base code. You’ll locate a full list on the repo page with class names and default setup information.

The most straightforward approach to begin is by cloning the viewScroller demos. They have one with a correct sidebar, another with a left sidebar, and one with two sidebars sandwiching content in the center.

In case you’re alright with a jQuery-filled web application then viewScroller is an incredible free library to utilize. It needs a significant number conditions yet they shouldn’t be difficult to arrange.

Take a look at the live demo and see what you think. In the event that you like the UX and the parchment conduct then take after the setup control on GitHub to begin.

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