How to Allow PHP in WordPress Posts and Pages

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Of course, you can’t execute PHP in WordPress posts and pages. wordpress made it a general guideline to never execute PHP in our posts and pages either on the grounds that it can be wild to change things later on. A superior practice is alter the WordPress subject by making a custom page layout, or single post format. However for a few clients, it might be important to execute PHP in WordPress posts. We couldn’t discover a requirement for it, yet obviously more than 26,000 individuals have. So in this article, i will share how to permit PHP in WordPress posts and pages.

Basically introduce and actuate the plugin Allow PHP in Posts and Pages. After establishment, basically wrap your php inquiries inside the shortcode:

[ php] [/php] – Please disregard the spaces. We can’t utilize this shortcode in light of the fact that it will pull our Syntax Highlighter Evolved module.

You can likewise spare your php questions and call them on post or pages when you require them. To do this, essentially tap on Allow PHP in Posts menu alternative. Tap on the Code Snippets Tab. Include your PHP question there.


Then in your post, simply use the shortcode with the Snippet ID:
[ php function=ID]

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