Connect to FTP Using PHP and Upload files

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How to connect and upload files on FTP using PHP

Here We’ll talk about How to associate and transfer records on FTP utilizing PHP, If you are dealing with application where a few documents consequently produced on server and you need to move those documents on your FTP server practically then you can utilize taking after capacity to exchange documents on FTP server utilizing php, In other case If you are taking planned reinforcement of your application and database and hoping to move those reinforcement records naturally on your reinforcement FTP server then this code is additionally useful.

How to Connect FTP using PHP

Using ftp_connect function you can easily connect your ftp server via PHP. Only need to pass your FTP hostname.

How to Login FTP using PHP

After effective association you have to login in your FTP server, With the assistance of ftp_login capacity you can loged in your FTP server by passing association id, ftp username and ftp secret word.

How to Transfer file on FTP using PHP

ftp_put will help you to transfer file on FTP

Using above function I have created simple PHP custom function to upload files on FTP.

Call above function and pass required parameter and upload files on FTP server.

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