How to Use Best SEO Web Hosting Services

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This definitive guide to choosing search engine optimization web hosting offerings covers the important factors you have to do not forget, at the same time as preserving a experience of proportion in what you should anticipate from a commercial website hosting provider.

Guide to SEO Hosting

What is search engine marketing Web Hosting?

SEO Website hosting offerings refers to bills that offer some of special IP addresses. Search engines are believed to provide a better ranking to web pages containing incoming links from other web pages placed on a diffusion of unique Class-C IP addresses. You can use this to create links among your very own domains without Google detecting this.
For example, in case you had 10 extraordinary Website and used ordinary shared web hosting which include HostGator’s ‘Baby’ account, all 10 websites might proportion the same IP address. Let’s say you decide to monetize one domain, and design the other nine as expert facts websites inside the equal niche. You then link all 9 to the 10th industrial site.
Google might spot that everyone 9 hyperlinks were coming from the same IP deal with because the 10th, and might regard this linking shape as suspicious and contrived. The Penguin algorithm updates are in all likelihood to downgrade such links and even fail to list the web page inside the search engine effects for relevant searches.
Search engine optimization web hosting allows you to assign every area to a one-of-a-kind IP deal with, so that you can avoid this. This form of hosting is normally charged in line with the form of web hosting provider and range of IP addresses you want. Thus one service gives shared internet website hosting at a monthly fee of $1.50 in keeping with IP with at the least 5 IP addresses – so prices begin at $7.50/month. If you want 20 IP addresses you pay $30/month.

Here are the stairs you should take to make your decision:

  • Understand how the various SEO hosting options can meet your needs
  • Draw up a list of potential web hosts
  • Research each, including review sites
  • Make your initial choice
  • Test the service with your blog or website
  • Make your final decision and then switch
  1. Understand Your Web Hosting Needs

You have three essentially one of a kind forms of SEO web hosting available to you. These range in step with how professional you’re, how large your website or blog is and to your online experience. They are multiple IP variations of regular Web hosting offerings. Here is a short contrast between the three:

A) Shared Web Hosting Services

You percentage the servers and IP addresses with different users. The server is the external processing and storage system that holds your files and not unusual applications shared by using others the usage of that web hosting provider. All the documents you operate for your website are saved on the servers, which can be shared by loads to thousands of others. It is good value but limited in assets, however you have your personal IP addresses. You pay for every deal with.

B) Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)

You pay to your very own area on each server used. You are assured your very own space and the IP address with is completely yours. Although a shared service can put it on the market targeted disk space and bandwidth, if everyone desires to use that area on the identical time, then you can enjoy downtime. Not so with VPS, which is a choice for people with large blogs and websites? Prices, bandwidth and disk storage growth with variety of IP addresses.

C) Dedicated Web Hosting

You get a server all to yourself. Larger Companies and organizations will use dedicated servers, and big professional blogs may experience the need. A committed server with multiple IP addresses is luxurious and is generally now not for the novice blogger or interest sites.

The greater server area and IP addresses you have to yourself then the more you pay. Shared website hosting is most inexpensive and devoted web hosting the maximum expensive. If you are critically into running a blog, there may be another form of Multi-IP search engine optimization internet hosting service you may pick out:

Multi-Location SEO Hosting

This consists of IP addresses positioned across the USA and Europe. Using multi-place IPs, no longer simplest will you’re linking be detected as coming from numerous international locations, however your essential website online IP address with can more accurately replicate your personal geographical area. Google will then reward you for your server/IP being detected as in the direction of your very own vicinity. You can have your linking IPs unfold across a couple of information centers all through Europe and USA.

C-Class IP Addresses

It is vital to understand why your IP addresses have to be ‘C-Class’. An IP Address accommodates four sets of numbers, A-B-C-D. When you buy hosting from regular servers, the IPs may additionally range only in the D-Class. Google can spot this, and knows that the linking IP addresses are basically from the equal server – i.e. likely your personal web sites. Not so once they range in each C- and D-Classes. Search engine marketing hosting offers IP addresses that fluctuate within the C-Class in addition to the D-Class.


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