What is nofollow and dofollow Backlinks ?

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What is rel nofollow and rel dofollow backlinks

There Are Two Major Types Do follow and No follow Of Backlinks According To Their Capacity to Pass on the Link Juice. They Are the Do follow Back links and the No-Follow Back links. Between Do Follow And No-Follow Links Building Do-Follow Is Very Important Role One Want To Get Do Follow Back Link For Their Blog But Mostly Blog Not Give Allow To Get Do Follow Link From Their Blogs. Do Follow Back Link Increase Your Blog Page Rank, Domain Authority Or Page Authority And Increase Your Ranking In Google So It Is Very Important. Now We Tell About What Is Difference In Do-Follow And No-Follow Link


Rel Dofollow Backlinks

Google Robots Or Other Search Engine Are Crawling Or Indexing A Website They Look For External Links Point To Other Websites. If This Links Is “dofollow” Then Search Engines Will Follows The Link And So Link Juice Gets Passed. For Eg:

Note rel=”dofollow” And rel=”external” In the above Source Code. They Identify The Link As Do Follow. Also If You Do Not Use rel Attribute the Link Will Be Treated As “dofollow”. These Links Are Imperative In Terms Of SEO As They Are Tracked By Search Engines And The Value (Which Is Called Link Juice) Of The Links Also Gets Transferred.

Rel Nofollow Backlinks

If A Search Engine Finds A “nofollow” Backlink It Will Just Ignore The Link And Will Not Get Deeper Into Crawling Or Indexing And No Link Juice Or Domain And Page Authority Is Passed. For Eg:

Notice the rel=”nofollow” Attribute In The Above Source Code. This Defines A Code As “nofollow”. So nofollow Backlinks Are Not Google Robots Important In Terms Of Search Engines As it is Not Crawled and Indexing. The Comments Section Mostly Have No Follow Links. But That Does Not Mean That These Links Are Useless.

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