Pause and Loop CSS Animations with Wait! Animate

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Pause & Loop CSS Animations with WAIT! Animate

There’s a great deal you can do with immaculate CSS animation, yet delaying and circling an animation is unrealistic with the current W3 spec.

But with a free tool like WAIT! Animate you can really create looped animations from scratch with custom delays between each loop. This may appear like an ordinary undertaking yet it explains a torment point for some developers.

Look at the home page

to see a couple of cases in action. It’s entirely evident what you can do and the source code is in that spot to copy/paste into your own particular work.

If you don’t mind take note of this is not a completely fledged library. It’s a generator that makes your CSS code on-the-fly in light of whatever you requirement for the liveliness delay.

It’s a truly fun hack that is additionally really darken by plan. In any case, it demonstrates what amount is conceivable with CSS3 and a little inventiveness.

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