Divide WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages

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How to divide a long WordPress post into multiple pages

using pagination you can divide long post and pages into multiple pages for pages navigation.Although there are a lot of free plugins are available but wordpress also have its built in pagination system for quick use.

A very long post can take too much time to load,slow down your site or maybe effect your users as well

How to use

Method 1
if you want to split your post then simply switch to editors Text mode and paste below tag

you need to place this tag where you decide to split the post.

Divide WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages

Method 2

switch to editors Visual mode and press Alt+Shift+P where you want to spilit your post
Divide WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages
Publish it and its done !

If for some reason, pagination is not showing up after you have pasted the next page tags, then you would need to add the following code in your single.php loop.

hope this will help you.if you have any questions then let me know in comment section please.

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