Speed Up WordPress Website with a CDN

We as a whole love WordPress for being easy to use, free, and giving us a simple approach to market ourselves to the world. That is one motivation behind why it controls more than 26% of the considerable number of sites on the web. Indeed, even Scotch.io is controlled by WordPress!

Be that as it may, there are simple and financially savvy approaches to accelerate WordPress without much work. One of them is to actualize a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Look at the means beneath to get a CDN up and running in just 2 stages!

What is a CDN?

Some of you may ponder what a CDN is? A CDN remains for substance conveyance arrange. What’s more, essentially, it is a worldwide system of edge servers that stores your substance on them (like pictures, javascript, CSS) and after that serves it up speedier to clients physically nearer to them.

For instance, suppose you have a site facilitated with a supplier and it sits in a datacenter in Dallas, TX. Each client that visits your webpage needs to inquiry all your site’s benefits from Dallas, TX, even those over the world. This acquaints inertness due with the long topographical separations. When you utilize a CDN it duplicates advantages for a server nearer. So suppose somebody in the UK visits your site, rather than questioning your advantages from Dallas, TX, a CDN is presently putting away a duplicate of your benefits on a server in London. This radically diminishes the idleness and ISP jumps for that client and makes your WordPress site stack super quick!

Other Benefits of a CDN

Besides increasing the speed of your WordPress site, a CDN also provides a lot of other benefits.

  • SEO Benefits: By expanding the speed of your WordPress site you ought to see an expansion in your Google rankings. Keep in mind that Google utilizes pagespeed as a positioning factor . Google can likewise record and slither your pictures quicker for Google picture search.
  • Scalability: A CDN gives you a chance to scale all over rapidly to be prepared for sudden activity spikes.
  • Security: Mitigating DDoS assaults, secure token, SSL certs are only a couple of the additional safety effort you can profit by with a CDN.
  • Increase Conversions: According to Kissmetrics, a 1 second deferral can brings about a 7% decrease in conversions.
  • Lower Costs: By offloading activity to a CDN you can save money on data transmission costs with your web host.
  • Extra Caching: A CDN gives extra reserving components, for example, Origin Shield and store control headers.
  • Gzip: Compression of your advantages happens consequently when they are conveyed from a CDN.

How to Install a CDN ?

Presently on to the fun part, how to really introduce a CDN. Today, I will demonstrate to you the snappiest and most straightforward approach to convey a CDN on your WordPress site in only 2 basic strides!

In our illustration I am utilizing KeyCDN, which is a substance conveyance organize that elements the most minimal worldwide costs at $0.04/GB. For the vast majority of you that is not as much as some espresso every month! You can likewise look at other CDN suppliers at CDN Comparison. A few components I recommend paying special mind to are HTTP/2 bolster and additionally Let’s Encrypt incorporations for nothing SSL certs.


In the first place sign into your KeyCDN dashboard. On the off chance that you don’t have a account yet you can signup here. Click into Zones and after that New Zone. Give your zone a name, ensure Pull is chosen for the Zone Type and afterward under the Origin URL put in your full Domain name.

Speed Up WordPress Website with a CDN

Optional: If your site is running on HTTPS, KeyCDN offers free SSL certs with Let’s Encrypt. Simply select the Show Advanced Features and enable it with one click.


Since we have your CDN account setup we simply need to set it up on your WordPress site. The least demanding The easiest way to do this is to install the free WordPress CDN enabler plugin. You can likewise utilize the CDN joining in prevalent reserving modules like WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, and WP Super Cache. After installing, in your WordPress dashboard, click into Settings and CDN Enabler. You will need to put in your CDN URL, which you can discover on your KeyCDN dashboard. At that point squeeze Save Changes.

Speed Up WordPress Website with a CDN

And that’s it! Your images, Javascript, CSS, should now all be serving from 20+ POPs around the globe.

Optional – Custom Zone URL

You can make your arrangement one stride further and setup a custom Zone URL with your own area name, as cdn.domain.com. This can be valuable for SEO purposes, marking, and makes it less demanding to switch CDN suppliers later on the off chance that you hardcoded anything (which you shouldn’t do, yet we as a whole know it happens). Take after the means underneath to setup a custom Zone URL.


The primary thing you have to do is login to your area recorder and make a CNAME record. In this case we are utilizing NameCheap, yet the procedure is practically indistinguishable with whatever other supplier, for example, GoDaddy. To start with snap into the Advanced DNS area on your space and include another CNAME record. For the host you will enter what you need your subdomain to be. The most ordinarily utilized one is cdn. At that point in the esteem you will put in your CDN zone URL. You can snatch this from the KeyCDN dashboard.

Speed Up WordPress Website with a CDN


When you have the CNAME setup you should simply make a zonealias to let the CDN supplier know. Just snap into Zonealiases and include another one. The false name will be the subdomain you decided for the host of your CNAME. In our case we are utilizing cdn.domain.com.

Speed Up WordPress Website with a CDN


After mapping your zone to your CNAME then simply update the CDN URL in the WordPress CDN Enabler plugin settings.

Speed Up WordPress Website with a CDN

What’s more, now every one of your benefits will stack from cdn.domain.com. It is prescribed to start up Chrome DevTools, hop into the system tab, and guarantee that your advantages are for sure stacking from the new URL.

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