how to run marquee continuously using css

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if you are bored from that old marquee and want to try new experiment using CSS then today i will help you.My main moto to use CSS in this tutorials is to run marquee continuously like news headlines that you mostly see on television because our default marquee really suck 🙁

I am going to use CSS3 animation for this.Unless you are already familiar with the CSS3 Animation module, we recommend you take a look at the following references before proceeding with this documentation:

CSS3 Animations – W3School
CSS Animations – Mozilla Dev. Network

Likewise take a note that, right now, CSS3 Animation can just work in Firefox 8+, Chrome 12+ and Safari 5.0+ with the prefixed rendition (- moz-and – webkit-). However, we will just utilize the official form from W3C without the prefix to abstain from overstuffing this article with pointless codes.


Demo :

Download Code

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