7 Awesome Computer Tricks

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if you are a computer geek and spend lots of time on your computer then you know many shortcuts & tricks.But there are some another awesome computer tricks that i think you don’t know about.check below and don’t forgot to share it with your friends as well 😀

1. Open Notepad in Browser !

Need a notepad in Chrome or Firefox?

Copy and paste this into the address bar. You’ll open a new tab that you can write in. You can even save it.

2. Steal Stuff from a website that has Right-Click Disabled

You have found amagazing content on a website but unable to copy it because It has it’s right-click disabled Don’t you worry mate!

Putting the following into a favorite/shortcut on the toolbar re-enables browser right click.

3. simple way to clear your cache

Press CTRL + SHIFT + R to Clear cache and refresh the page.

4. Don not use Ctrl+Alt+Del

stop using this old mathod Use control+shift+escape instead! It goes directly to the task manager!

5. Reverse Image search

Hold S and right click an image to do reverse image search in Chrome.

7 Awesome Computer Tricks

6. find the website that is dead now

Many a times, We find a website that is offline and you cannot seem to access it. Copy the URL to archive.org they often have a preserved copy.

7. Disable Facebook’s Autoplay Video option!

We all know the struggles you face every time a video pops up on Facebook and it won’t stop without playing it fully!

Here’s the fix: navigate to facebook.com/settings. On the left side you’ll see ‘video’ – click on it and you’ll be presented with an option to turn off auto–play.

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