How to find Subscribers Email Address in Feedburner

If you are using Feedburner for your blogs or website and want to retrieve the email addresses of your subscribers but couldn’t find a way to get these addresses from Feedburner then this post can help you to find your subscribers email addresses.So lets get started.

First of All Log in to your feedburner account.

  1. Click on PUBLICIZE.
  2. Click on Email Subscriptions in Services menu
  3. Click on Subscription Management and scroll down to bottom
  4. Below you will find Total Subscribers and a link View Subscriber Details below it. Click on it
  5. After doing the step 4 you can now finally see your email subscribers list and their status. You can also see when they subscribe to your blog/website.

See below picture for better help

How to find Subscribers Email Address in Feedburner

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