How to create Own Domain in XAMPP

This post is about Creating virtual hosts locally, i am gonna write step by step procedure to create your own domain names with xampp server.and yes you can create multiple domains.

Here is the steps for create the virtual Host :

  1. create a directory with any name.(for example: F:/xampp/htdocs/test)
  2. Open the file : F:/ > xampp > apache > conf > extra > http-vhost.conf
  3. Uncomment for the name virtualHost * :80 in 19th line , like ##NamevirtualHost*:80 here we need to remove “## “
  4. Add the following Code

    	How to create Own Domain XAMPP

  5. Open the file c:/ > windows > system32 > drivers > etc > hosts
    We have to add a server name in the hosts file for example: www.test.com

    	How to create Own Domain XAMPP

Now type www.test.com in your browser and you can see all your files that are in test folder.

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