How to draw route on Google Map Using Pure Html

In this post we will create a google map with directions & route that use your current location and your destination ‘s Latitude & Longitude.Please Follow below Steps if you don’t know how to get Latitude & Longitude ?

Steps :

1. Go to Google Map
2. Right-click a location on the map
3. Select What’s here?.
4. A card appears at the bottom of the screen with more info. (See Picture Below)



By Doing this you will get your Latitude & Longitude .The First Value before comma “,” Latitude and the another one is Longitude.

Now We won’t use any javascript or other complicated codes to draw a route .we will just use an iframe and Google MAP API Key.

Click Here to Get Your API Key and click on GET A KEY Button

Your API Key will look like this AIzaSyA-JCAyi-zpfdohVXBgGN1juwYHBch5XG8.
Now we almost done all the things. Now we just have to embed these all information to our website using google map api & iframe.The Final iframe src link will look like this :

Now You can see a route design on your google map.


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