how to delete all facebook page post at once

The following process describes how to bulk delete your facebook page posts at once step by step

Step 1 :

Open your Page from your FB Profile


Step 2 :

Click on Publishing Tool . In this Tab you can see your all Posts in a list


Step 3 :

Click on Checkbox to select all posts at once


Step 4 :

After selecting all posts click on Actions button.Here you will see Delete (25) option.Click on this button to delete latest 25 posts from your page.

Note : Facebook only allow 25 posts to delete at once .So if you want to delete more then 25 then please repeat same process again and again

Step 5 :

After Clicking Delete (25) a confirmation dialog box will appear. Hit Delete button to delete selected posts or click “Cancel” to escape operation.


Hope this will help you to save lot of time if you want to delete your old page posts at once without deleting them one by one. and please like my facebook page :

and make me proud.By the way if you face any problem then let me know in comment section below

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