How to write empty function in python


Write empty function in python In C/C++ and Java, we can write empty function as following

But in python we write like that than the compile error is occurred


To write empty functions, we use pass… Continue Reading


How to Connect to MySQL Database in Node.Js


In this article you will figure out how to associate with MySQL server database utilizing Node Js MySQL driver. We going to utilize a MySQL driver called “mysql”. It is composed in JavaScript, does not require gathering, and is 100%… Continue Reading


How to Encrypt and Decrypt files using PHP

AES Encryption and Decryption in PHP See example

In my recent project I have implemented file encryption and decryption. In this project, data is very sensitive so to protect files from unauthorized access and to keep them safe and secure we have used file based encryption/decryption method. In… Continue Reading


How to filter array by key in PHP


PHP array_intersect_key() work gives back a cluster containing every one of the passages of essential exhibit which have keys that are preset in every one of the contentions. This capacity registers the convergence of clusters utilizing keys for correlation. Here… Continue Reading


How to Create MySQL views


MySQL has bolstered database sees since rendition 5.x. Perspectives are quite helpful in the event that you need to allude to values computed from expressions without composing the expressions each time you can recover them. What is a view A… Continue Reading


How to Auto Generate a Photo Gallery from a Directory in PHP


Creating an photo gallery from a folder or directory of images using PHP is easy. I have added inline comments for each code block, just go through them for better understanding.


Auto Generate a Photo Gallery from a Directory in NodeJs


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Best App to create Triangles in Pure CSS

Best App to create Triangles in Pure CSS-3

Create Pure CSS Triangles With This Free Web App There’s a major push to make the web a more CSS-friendly place. For a considerable length of time, pictures were dependably the answer for program hacks from rehashing foundations to the… Continue Reading