nodemcu library

How to work on Nodemcu

Nodemcu is system on chip with esp8266- 12 E wifi module. Nodemcu used to provide internet connectivity. By programming in Arduino IDE we can distinguish input and output functionality according to our need. We can send our data cloud server… Continue Reading

what is iot

Hardware need for Iot system

Hardware Need for Iot system Internet of things is becoming famous for better utilization of its resources. If you are willing to do on the making on Iot system there is need of basic knowledge of embedded design, networking and… Continue Reading

what is iot

What is Internet of things

WHAT IS INTERNET OF THINGS The internet of things is cutting edge technology in which every electricity consumption device or physical object is accessed by the internet. In internet of things system all devices controlling is depend on the data… Continue Reading

set expiration of newsletter confirmation link in magento 2

Use SEO friendly URLs for Magento

magento seo friendly urls, magento 2 seo friendly url, magento 2 use web server rewrites, magento 2 url rewrite, seo url magento, magento 2 url rewrite not working, magento 2 custom url rewrite, magento 2 rebuild url rewrites when i… Continue Reading

set expiration of newsletter confirmation link in magento 2

increase magento speed using .htaccess

magento speed optimization extension, magento speed optimization htaccess, magento performance optimization, speed up magento 2, magento site speed test, how to increase site speed in magento, speed up my magento website, query_cache_type magento, speed up magento  using .htaccess From my personal experience… Continue Reading


PHP 7 : how to Unset all variables

previously I was using the following script in PHP 5.5.9 to unset all variables, which was working very well

but now when i used same code in PHP 7 , this is giving  following messages:

after reading php 7 documentations and some research on… Continue Reading